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Below is a synopsis of what is needed to get married in Greece if you are not a Greek citizen.
Read through it and then contact Dorian to answer specific questions or make arrangements for him to begin the process.


1) photocopy of passport
2) birth certificate (translated)
3) certificate of NO IMPEDIMENT . Translated there or here at the embassy, or foreign ministry.


  • The original and not photocopy is required. It must be stamped and approved by THE HAGUE CONVENTION APOSTILLE.
  • The passport may be photocopied but the birth certificate must be sent by courier.
  • I don't need a power of attorney to process the license.

** IMPORTANT if you are living outside of your native country, then the CERTICICATE OF IMPEDIMENT must be applied for in the country in which you have stayed for OVER 21 DAYS

You can translate everything at the Greek consul abroad or the embassy here will do it . The certificate of impediment will take 15-30 days if done here and will cost 19,250 drs.

The birth certificate is done automatically and is included in the price. Ie. The Embassy can do the whole thing but to save time get the IMPEDIMENT paper from there.

**IMPORTANT: The Town Hall will take about 8 days to grant the license
** If your country does not belong to the Hague treaty then further investigation is necessary.
** The cost of stamps for license (paravola) is about 15.000 drs. per person subject to change.

Important numbers: Legislation office in London: (0044) 020-7210 2521
British Embassy contact : Peter 7272-684

Athens Town Hall: 3602-884, 3605-768
Marriage bureau (civic): 3621-601
Marriage bureau religious marriage: 3213-117

Dorian Theodore Kokas: (01) 8212-445 or 093-2503723


  • The letter of NO IMPEDIMENT is a paper which states that you are free to marry; ie. You are not still married or not "quite divorced" from a previous marriage..
  • The APOSTILLE is nothing more than a verification from the town hall, Secretary of State, or Greek Consul which states that the papers you will send are indeed valid . The Apostilled paper MUST state "Apostille" and have your name on it.
  • Sending these papers to me via UPS or other credible courier service is preferred to regular mail as they may be delayed or even get lost.
  • The procedure for RELIGIOUS marriages are the same except that a priest and a church will have to OK The marriage and set a date. Here we need a "Best Man" and a few other minor arrangements.

Estimated cost: For a civil wedding where all papers are translated by the Greek Consul there: $200 U.S. dollars. For a religious wedding, $400 U.S. dollars.

Estimated time needed: 10 days for a civil wedding if all are translated there, and 16 days if I do the translation here. For a religious wedding, 14 days and 20 days respectively.

Note: All extras such as flowers, photographers, music, etc. are NOT included in the above price.

Contact Dorian if you have questions or need more information

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