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How much will it cost?

This is a tough question to answer as it depends on what you do, where you do it, when you do it and at what level you do it! As a general rule if you do it during the high season all aspects of it will most likely cost more, if you do it off-season then it will cost less to a comparable trip in the high season.

I can give you a general idea of the cost of different options which will put you in the ballpark range so you can decide if the financial side of the trip will work for you.

International Air Fare- From the US $800-1500 per person including taxes. Will depend on the season and which seats are available. Your best bet is to book earlier rather than later, especially if you want to travel during high season. See AGreatFare.com for suggestions and help on how to book your flights.

Domestic Air Fare- Flights between the islands generally run from $85-125 each way per person including taxes. Athens is the hub so you normally have to fly to and from Athens. If you want to get between two islands, most of the time you'll have to fly to Athens and then to the next island and you'll have to pay for two flights. There are a few inter-island flights(Santorini to Mykonos, Mykonos to Rhodes), but they are usually not daily so you'll have to plan your trip around the flights....

Ferries- Each ferry will run between $10-50 depending on the departure and destination ports and whether it's a High Speed ferry, regular ferry or Flying Dolphin.

Hotels- You can find rooms for as low as 30-40 euros in low season(and in some places in high season). But as a rule of thumb I would plan on 70-150 euros per night(or a lot more if you can afford it)... as with any hotels, in most cases the more you pay the nicer the hotel, but it will also depend on the location of the hotel. You can pay up to many thousand euros a night if that is in your budget...

Meals- As a general rule you can figure on 5-10 euro per person for breakfast and 10-20 euro per person for lunch and dinner. Again it will depend on what you eat(fish can be VERY expensive). But breakfast could be a cup of coffee, a yogurt with fruit and maybe a couple of eggs or tyropita(cheese pie). Lunch and dinner could be an order of tzatziki(yogurt dip w/ garlic), a plate of vegetables and/or Greek Salad, a plate of chicken, a plate of lamb and a liter of local wine from the barrel.

Car Rental- Generally 30-50 euro per day for a economy or compact car. Keep in mind you'll need an International Driver's Permit. I usually get mine from AAA, as they cost $10 for members and take about 10 minutes for them to take the picture and put the permit together.

Yacht Charter- From 480 euro a week per person up to many thousands a week, depending on what type of charter you are interested in. See CharterAYachtinGreece.com for more info.

Well, that's a ballpark figure..... is it in your budget?

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